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When you skip as many classes as you attend, the term break ceases to be a source of joy. I really have nothing better to do. So here’s the endocrine series.

Components of Endocrine System

Pituitary Gland 1

Pituitary Gland 2

Thyroid 1

Thyroid 2

Adrenal Glands & Their Disorders

Adverse Drug Reactions & Interactions

Adverse Drug Reactions

Respiratory Pharmacology

Respiratory Pharmacology

Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease



Inotropic Agents

Antiarrhythmic Agents


Lipid Lowering Drugs


Principles of Lymphatic System

Principles Of Lymphatic System

Renal Physiology (part 3)

The weather is ridiculously good for a winter day, but I stayed in to make notes. -pops more vitamin D tablets-

Body Fluid Osmolarity & Water Balance

Renal Physiology (part 2)

Tubular Reabsorption & Secretion